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I feel I should apologise for not updating my blog sooner, especially as I have been on the internet (but forgotten how to use it), I just haven’t had the time to think about what I wanted to write.  Ursula and I have come over to Bartica after school today to pick up an internet connection and some food so we don’t need to do it at the weekend.  After an hour the other week of wandering around Bartica (its not a big place … we got very lost) we finally found the internet cafe, along with what feels like half the mosquitoes in Guyana, so that’s where I am now.

It seems so strange to think that we’ve just finished week 9 of school, it’s gone unbelieveably fast and we only have 6 weeks left of our first term!  Although we don’t get half term (grrr) it hasn’t exactly been a full 9 weeks of teaching. Ursy and I were out for 3 days a few weeks ago, officiating at the Regional Athletics Championships, in our Guyana’s Teachers Union official’s t-shirts! I’m now (apparently) a shot putt expert…!  The first day was swimming, early in the morning whilst the river was high, and our kids did really really well. Holy Name came first in the swimming! I like to believe it was due to the hours we spent training them.  Two girls are also going to the nationals to swim. Overall in the Athletics I still have no idea how we got on, none of the teachers seem to know, but 6 pupils in total are going to compete at nationals (so more training for us to do with them!). Those of you who know me will no doubt find it absolutely hilarious that I’m training athletes and swimmers for a national competition… RUDE 😛 Although it was a really good few days, it was surprisingly difficult to leave my class. I popped in to see how they were on the second morning (the boat was late) and I had my class clinging onto me begging me to teach them! “Just one lesson Miss” “Please don’t leave us Miss” “Miiiiiissssssssssss” I don’t think they had a very good day…With only 8 teachers in the school, including the HM, it can be a bit of a nightmare when one of us is out, let alone 4.

There have been various other days off, or non-teaching days, for meetings, national holidys, general Guyanese malaise… and it’s starting to worry me how much of the scheme of work I still have to get through! I’m sure it’ll still be ok but given how badly my class have been behaving lately it’s a definite concern! They seem to be getting wilder and wilder by the day, which is really annoying because it means we can’t do the cool teachery things (never thought those three words would go together!) I want to do. Discipline throughout the school is a bit of a contentious issue, but over the past few days it feel like I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough with a couple of the wilder ones. One of them is exactly like Mowgli from the Jungle Book and as wild as you would expect but he’s stopped waving dead frogs around the classroom so that’s a plus! We’re still expecting a visit at some point soon from the ministry but I’ll write a more specific teaching post sometime soon.

Besides school we’ve just been settling into the community and getting to know poeple. Our immediate neighbours either side of us are both really lovely. The Touichou and her family are so helpful with just about anything we need (at the moment they’re trying to get the water running at home again!) and they also give us food 🙂 On the other side is Auntie Pinkie, who lives in a gloriously yellow wooden house on stilts and she can often be found sitting on the steps watching the world go by. Many hours already have been spent sitting with her gaffing away about anything and everything. She and her husband (who shall from here on be referred to as Mr Pinkie) have an amazing farm out back that goes into the bush and we get regular deliveries of freshly picked bananas, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, coconuts, papayas and any other food she’s cooked up! I’ve been trying to perfect roti (much to the amusement of those around us) and each time I make some I take one round for her judgement and advice on how to make it less rock-like! Very excitingly we’ve now been paid and I decided I would get the ingredients to make some of my Dad’s fudge to share with the neighbours. Suffice to say it went down very well, and very very quickly! We still need to be braver getting to know people but we’re getting there, it’s so quiet here. For a supposedly mostly female community, the majority of those we’ve got to know and we’ve found ourselves talking to have been male…

It really is crazy to think I’ve been living here for over two months now but wonderful how much it feels like home. We had a visit from our Rep, Kala, and the British High Commissioner’s wife and son last week just to see the project and find out how we were getting on.  It was good to see Kala again and to feel like we could talk honestly about everything going on but it did leave us slightly culture shocked… All of a sudden we had two white people sat in our house, at our breakfast bar eating the admittedly wonderful food they brought with them (in a Sainsburys bag!) It was a very bizarre feeling and a little uncomfortable, seeing a mini bit of England turn up on our doorstep and bubble around our village. I definitely wasn’t expecting it all to feel so foreign.

So much has happened but I don’t have the time to write much more, this has turned into a bit of an epic ramble anyway! I’ll try to update my blog some time before my birthday (ahhhh!) but I just wanted to write one last thing…

But, no, I’ve run out of time……



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