A note to say thanks

So many lovely people have helped me with my fundraising efforts with donations, buying cakes, helping at events and just being generally amazing with all the support, and I’ve written to you all personally, but I wanted to have somewhere to name you publicly. I really appreciate all the support from everyone, I don’t know how I would have done it with out you all.

There are so many people I want to thank I could have a whole other website for them all! Please forgive me if I have missed anyone, let me know though and I’ll add them in!

  • Firstly my Mum and Dad for letting me apply and for listening to my excited ramblings about all the different things I wanted to do and for their support, (not to mention train tickets to Oban and back!)
  • Cath for all her support and amazing baking.
  • John for his help setting up this blog and hosting it.
  • Chris and all my friends for listening to me talking endlessly about Project Trust and helping at events.
  • Richard and everyone at Canon Printing for printing my leaflets completely free of charge.
  • Mark and Nikki for helping me bake cakes for bake sales.
  • Emma for helping organise brownie selling!
  • All the staff at QHS and Alpha.
  • The staff and students at Coventry University London for letting me hold bake sales and your kind donations.
  • Tesco in Pinner for letting me do a  bagpack.
  • Everyone at St. Mary’s Kenton for your support and enthusiasm.

And of course thank you everyone who has come to fundraising events and sales and all of you who helped run events!

And thank you to the charitable trusts that have been so kind and generous with their donations:

  • The Anson Charitable Trust
  • The Alchemy Foundation

Of course a massive thank you to the Old Wymondhamians for awarding me the OW Travel Award

And to everyone who has donated money to me or on my Virgin Money Giving page:

  • Emily and Alice
  • Laurene
  • Rik
  • Max
  • Jean and Manfred
  • Kristjan
  • Mrs. Titone
  • Fr. David and Carol
  • Richard and Camilla
  • Fr. Malcolm
  • David E
  • Jon and Penny
  • Jan C
  • Mrs Pugh
  • Julienne and Jason
  • Angela and Phil
  • Laura C
  • John and Neil
  • Mike H


So many people have donated over the past months, I can’t list you all but that by no means make your contribution any less appreciated! You all know who you are and how wonderful you are! I honestly can’t express how grateful I am for all of you guys keeping me sane (or not as the case may be!) through out all of my fundraising.

Thank you x