A Very Guyanese Birthday…

What can I say? My birthday was very definitely distinctly Guyanese!

The plans we had tentatively made with some friends fell through (along with the bottom of their boat!) and so we ended up spending the weekend in Goshen juts liming and gaffing and generally not really actually doing very much, whilst of course looking extremely busy 😛 On Sunday, the day before my birthday, was of course Remembrance Sunday and we went over so to Bartica with the school boat at, what at one time would have been an ungodly 6.30AM but which now feels quite civilized. Standing in Cenotaph Square with 12 of of our kids, listening to a very odd service of remembrance, getting more and more sun burnt it did feel very very surreal. I think after the miles (maybe exaggerated) we marched I think its safe to say this is the first year I’ve ever been to a remembrance service and got sun burn not frost bite… Anyway we made it back home in time to go to church, my kids had begged and begged me to come that week ‘for sure Miss’ and turned out its cause they anted to sing happy birthday!  The whole Church sang Happy Birthday to me, whilst pointing and wagging their fingers at me in a way that was very reminiscent of being told off! Then spent the rest of the service having girls in my class plait my ‘soft soft orange hair’. Very lazily got a boat back up so home (we did walk all the way down there :P) and were then delivered a bowl of cook up and pasta and metagee soup from three different neighbours! Well good not having to cook! Spent the day then liming, gaffing, drinking tea and watching the storms blow up river.Felt British.

My actual birthday started with MARMITE. Like actual real MARMITE! My birthday present from Ursual, and I think its safe to say thats the most excited I’ve ever been about marmite. But, well, its MARMITE!! 🙂 I was greeted at school by the kids who all aem up and hugged me and wished me Happy Birthday and presented me with various gifts. These included a model ship, fake rose, rap CD, toy otter (a friend for Monkey!!), various bracelets to add to my collection, a pencil and lots and lots of food! Bags of plantain chips, chicken foot, lollipops, sweets, chico,  golden apples, five finger, all sorts. It was brilliant. They made me a crown of flowers too which I wore almost all day. During assembly the whole school sang happy birthday (with the finger wagging again) and then after some awkward silence, they all ran up and gave me a hug and wished me happy birthday!It was hilarious! They ahd a mini collection too and bought me a phtot album to put all my Guyana pictures in! So so sweet and some photos to come.


Ahh boats leaving…


R x



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  1. Dearest Rachel – so glad you had a lovely birthday and so sweet to hear about your class hugging you………. and of course about the MARMITE!! Big hugs from Colin and me and Nathalie.

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