Adventure is out there…

Exactly a week today and I’ll be on my way to Guyana for a year. It still feels like I’ve got loads to get done but I can’t wait to get there. We fly via Trinidad and arrive in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, on Friday evening (Guyanese time). When we arrive, we’ll all spend some time in Georgetown waiting for our luggage, meeting Kala (our rep) and doing various official things before we start teaching! We then head to our projects (more about mine coming on the ‘My Project’ page) and term starts on the 1st September!

Guyana 14/15 vols!

Guyana 14/15 vols!


The past week has been a week of leaving do’s, goodbyes and BBQ’s. Thank you so much to everyone who’s been around and contributed, and I’m going to miss you all!

I’m almost sorted with everything I need to take with me (only a 20kg weight allowance!), had all my injections (about 12 in all) and picked up 400 anti malarial tablets so should be ok!

Adventure is out there!

R x

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