Change is in the water

Today marks four months till I return to England. Four months left in this wonderful country.

Thinking about leaving is honestly one of the most terrifying prospects I could contemplate here (and that’s saying something cause Guyana can be a scary place to be a female…) I know I’ve said it before and its a kinda clique-stereotypical ‘gap yah’ thing to say but even I can recognise how much I’ve changed as a result of being here. I think its all good, Ursula reckons so and shes had to put up with me for 8 months already! I don’t know what I’d be doing right now if I wasn’t sat, on our beach, watching the stars and listening to the waves lapping around me as I write this but to be honest there’s not really anything else I’d rather be doing. Its fair to say that despite everything going against it and all the problems that are running through the very waters that have carved this country into what it is I’ve fallen in love with Guyana and all she has to offer and everything about our little Goshen. Leaving is going to be impossible. Only yesterday were I gaffing with our neighbour who was telling me about the last lot when they left and how they didn’t want to leave. I can see its going to be a case of being pushed off the stelling and onto the Parika boat when the time comes for us to fly out. That or hiding in the bush for a few days.

Thinking about how far I’ve come and how much has happened and changed over the past two years is crazy. I never thought I’d get to where I am now but I love it. Some of you will know I guess how far it is exactly that I’ve come but it’s a much further distance than just England to Guyana… Its fair to say I probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for any of all that stuff, being the way I am now an all. I just want to make her proud and hope that what I’m doing is just that.

Coming to Guyana and doing Project Trust I can truthfully say is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love it. I owe it to everyone who helped me fundraising and can’t thank y’all enough.


R x

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