First post from Guyana!

I’ve finally arrived in Guyana! After two delayed flights and over 24 hours of travelling we finally arrived in Georgetown at about 3 am on the 16th. We had a few days relaxing and acclimatising to the heat and then two days at the Ministry of Education in ‘workshops’ getting to know the education structure of Guyana (its very similar to the UK) and the targets that we have to meet as teachers. It was really weird writing ‘Teacher’ as our occupation on our visa forms going through immigration… Other than the workshops we have just been getting to know Georgetown. Visited the sea wall and beach area (looked more like mudflats but nice sunsets), went to the zoo (really depressing because the animals were so cramped together), bought fruit at the market (such good fruit, guineps are the best!) and bought all the food and cleaning stuff we need to take to our projects (a lot).

We also went to the British High Commissioner’s house last week for a pool party. It was brilliant and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it but there was something slightly surreal about swimming in the high commissioners pool and drinking his 15 year old El Dorado. The following day we visited a black water creek just outside Georgetown which was amazing but again was strange because the water was the colour of cola! I think I was the only one out of all 26 of us not to get sun burnt or a tan so I’m still as pale as ever! (Factor 50 baby suncream really does work…) We have a tour of Banks DIH brewery on Monday and then heading out to our project on Tuesday morning. Me, my partner and the Bartica boys are being picked up and taken to our projects by the Ministry of Education so we don’t need to worry about carrying all of our boxes and bags!

I really like Georgetown but I cant wait to get to my project in Goshen and stop living out of a rucksack! All 26 of us are staying in the PT flat (and some in the flat next door) so its very cramped and only one bathroom(ish) between us all. Georgetown is amazing really, we’re staying in Campbellville, its an incredible mix of people and cultures and music everywhere. I hadn’t really thought about what Georgetown would be like but its not what I expected. The poverty and standard of living is pretty bad and its very obvious as you walk and drive around town but all the people we’ve met so far have been really nice.

I already love this country.

R x


  1. Andrea Campbell

    Hi there Rachel. Glad to know you have arrived safe and sound in Georgetown. I look forward to reading your posts. What will be the first lesson which you will teach? What time does school begin and end? Will the kids sit any exams under your tuition? Much love , have fun and an amazing experience. Andrea.

    • Rachel

      Thank you 🙂 I’m not sure about my timetable as yet but as far a I’m aware the teaching day is 8am-3pm. I think I’ll just be setting end of topic and term exams and possibly an end of year one but I’ll find out much more in the next few days! 🙂 xxx

  2. Angie Castle

    Hi Rachel, glad you arrived safely, sounds like you’re having an amazing start to your year long adventure! Good luck, stay safe!! Carry on blogging…. Can’t wait for the next instalment xxx


    Hello dear Rachel – glad you arrived safely. Sounds amazing already, like the pool party. You will be glad to know its freezing cold here, pouring with rain – Nathalie will be on her way home today after Reading, she drove down last Wednesday and gave a lift to 3 friends, it will be fun packing up in this weather NOT!! Keep safe, carry on enjoying it all, look forward to the next instalment!! MUCH LOVE ANNETTE

  4. jeanne-marie hudson

    Dearest Rachel, it was lovely reading your post, and hearing about all that you have been up to. Wishing you all the best and much love.

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